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Rediscover your worth

Reclaim your health

and get back the life

you’ve been too busy to enjoy

“Self-care is great but who has the time?”

Can you relate? 

Waiting for a “better time” or trying to “find the time” doesn’t work & just leads to bitterness and burnout.

To get more time for yourself, and to take care of yourself, you need to take your time back!

Grab this FREE Burnout to Self-Care Breakthrough Workbook to get a step-by-step guide to building boundaries that actually work.

Stop running on someone else’s time and burning out when you can create boundaries and start your self-care breakthrough.





taking care of yourself wasn’t an afterthought


you didn’t have to earn your self-care

your self-care made you feel good not guilty

you had a place to be “you” and focus on YOUR care

Inside The Self-Caregiver Community, you can do that and so much more
with the support and encouragement from other caregivers just like you!

Is this you?

Are you:

  • overwhelmed and exhausted
  • struggling to keep up with the to-do list (that never gets done)
  • frustrated because your time isn’t yours
  • feeling guilty for wanting to prioritize your own needs and care
  • worried about what will happen if you don’t?  

But don’t have the time or energy to figure it out? 

Hi, friend. I’m Jeanette.

And I have been there, too.

I am a lifelong caregiver and I know what it’s like to have my needs put on the back burner because someone else always needs more. As a wife, mom, and primary caregiver for my mom, oh and with a job, I used to get through my days barely scraping by on energy, getting to the end of each day with so much left to do, so much left undone, and so much guilt about it all.

It took me years to figure out the balance between caring for myself, caring for others, and finally feeling connected to myself and the life I had been to busy to enjoy. This is what it means to be  “self-caregiver”!

With the right tools, you can be a self-caregiver too!

Becoming a self-caregiver means you are ready to take back your time without feeling guilty so you can take care of yourself. Not “just so that” you can take care of others, but because you are worthy of the same care you give others.

Imagine If You Could:

Set boundaries to create more time and space for yourself

Create a support system so you’re not alone in caregiving

Let go of the guilt and expectations that are always out of reach

Find self-care practices that help you feel good not guilty

Be confident in your caregiving AND self-care practices

Embrace natural and intuitive self-care that fits YOUR busy life

Recapture who YOU are and do what you LOVE

How To Create Sustainable Self-Care

Caregiving is unpredictable and exhausting and self-care takes practice and energy…so is there REALLY such a thing as “sustainable self-care” for caregivers? 

Yes, the FIRST thing you need is the belief that it’s possible. The SECOND thing? A process.

When you work with me, I take you through the steps I took to go from being consumed by time, pain & exhaustion to feeling alive, independent & thriving… without the guilt.

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Self-Compassion
  • Self-Care


Looking at each one of these aspects of self-care will help you discover what self-care practices are right for you AND give you the confidence to practice them, and still have space and time for those you love.

Are you ready to rediscover your worth, reclaim your health, and get back the life you’ve been too busy (or exhausted!) to enjoy?


Where can I find other resources from The Self-Caregiver?

In The Self-Caregiver Community, we are all caregivers, but in this space, we gather to focus on ourselves and our needs, hopes, dreams, and goals. Join this free community and get access to fellow caregivers going through the same journey of caregiving and self-care. We do monthly trainings on aspects of self-care with the busy schedules of caregivers in mind.  You can also follow @theselfcaregiver on Instagram where I share quick tips on how to be a self-caregiver.