180 Days to Reclaim Your Sanity…your time, health and LIFE are calling you.

  • “What if you could create a strong support system?
  • Free yourself from the isolation of caregiving?
  • What if you could let go of the guilt?
  • Go through your daily life feeling empowered, in control, and worthy?
  • What if you could design self-care that makes you feel good, not guilty, and fits into your busy life?
  • Transform your self-care and your caregiving?
  • Bring balance and contentment to both yourself and your loved ones?

Imagine if you could:

  • Create an unshakeable support system, knowing you’re not alone on your caregiving journey

  • Erase guilt, embracing a sense of worthiness and empowerment.

  • Create personalized self-care that is flexible enough for your life and is something you actually enjoy.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

  • Wake up every day feeling invigorated and energized rather than exhausted?

  • Set & maintain healthy boundaries, providing balance both to you and to your loved ones?

    • Allocate time for yourself without feeling selfish, truly believing that self-care is not just a luxury but a necessity?

    • Go to bed each night feeling content, knowing you’ve taken care of yourself just as well as you have others?

    Is this for you?

     This cohort is for you if…

    You are feeling overwhelmed with caregiving but crave a life that includes selfcare, too

    You often feel guilty about dedicating time and resources to yourself

    You desire to change the way things are but often feel trapped by guilt, stress, or lack of knowledge

        Hi, friend. I’m Jeanette.

        And I have been there, too.

        Drawing from my personal journey as a lifelong caregiver, I understand what it feels like to place your needs secondary because someone else’s seem more urgent. As a wife, mom, and the primary caregiver for my mom, I was once where you might find yourself right now – scraping together energy to get through each day, leaving tasks unfinished, and drowning in guilt.

        It took me several years of experiencing this endless cycle to finally find a balance. I navigated the challenging path of marrying self-care with caring for others, enabling me to reconnect with myself and the moments of life that I had been too overwhelmed to enjoy.

        Throughout this process, I encountered numerous obstacles, had enlightening experiences, and emerged with essential tools and practices that genuinely worked. It’s this hard-won knowledge that’s baked into The Empowered Self-Caregiver Cohort.

        By joining us, you gain instant access to practical strategies and a supportive community that understands your challenges firsthand. You benefit from my experiences – both the victories and the hurdles, saving precious time and avoiding common pitfalls.

        The Empowered Self-Caregiver Cohort is your opportunity to bring clarity and balance into your life. Get empowered to reclaim the life and moments you feel like you’ve been missing. Your transformation is just a decision away.

        Join The Empowered Self-Caregiver Cohort today and let’s redesign your caregiving experience together, achieving balance, wellness, and the joy of living fully for both you and those you care for.

        What you get as a cohort member…

        Steady, structured learning through monthly module training in my 4-step framework.

        Share group sessions for community support and shared learning.

        Access to the resource vault for tackling all stages of your self-care journey.

        Online private community access for connecting, sharing, and learning from other caregivers.

        Ongoing insights & support via text messages for motivation and focus.

        In 180 days you will take back your time & energy for the things you love without feeling guilty.

        This is a well-structured 6-month online program that incorporates the  C.A.R.E. Journey Framework aimed to provide a holistic journey to all caregivers.


        • **1. Clarity & Capacity (Self Awareness):**
        • Gain a deep understanding of your own needs, desires, limitations, and strengths so that you can have clarity about your goals.


        • **2. Advocacy (Self-Advocacy):**
        • Learn how to advocate for your own needs and set boundaries so that you can maintain balance, ensuring your needs are met while still providing care for your loved ones.

        • **3. Resilience (Self Compassion):**
        • Cultivate an attitude of kindness and forgiveness towards yourself so that you can bounce back from stressful situations with less impact on your well-being, greater ease, and less guilt.


        • **4. Enjoyment (Self Care):**
        • Discover how to take care of your own needs physically, mentally, and emotionally so that you can find joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment that goes beyond your roles as a caregiver.


        • This C.A.R.E. framework guides you on a transformational journey where you can nurture your own needs while effectively caring for others. This approach not only improves your caregiving experience but also enhances the overall quality of your life.



        Isn’t it time you started doing something that makes you feel good, not guilty?

        Elevate your self-care so that you can transform burnout into energy, stress into sustainable self-care, and guilt into empowering confidence. 


        How do I know this program is right for me?

        If you are a caregiver who is overwhelmed and tired of feeling like you aren’t doing enough for others or for yourself, if you know that you need something to change but don’t know how to do it (or what exactly needs to change). The EMPOWERED Self-Caregiver Cohort is for you!

        How often do we meet?

        Each month during the 6-month cohort, you’ll have 1 live group training session + 1 live group share/accountability sessions. Both lives will be recorded.

        You also have access to personalized support through SMS / texting communication.

        I have no time, how the heck can I do this?

        No time? Then you DEFINITELY need this!

        As a caregiver myself, I know TIME is a major barrier for caregivers, and that is why I created this program. Unlike other self-care programs, The cohort is flexible, adjustable, and accessible to you in a variety of ways.

        While we do have 2 live group sessions a month, you can access the recordings any time inside the program.

        You will receive action steps and guidance to help you walk through each step of the framework on your own time & access to accountability support through texting and our private online community.

        Get feedback in between sessions via text message.

        You will be creating a self-care practice that works with your busy schedule and helps you take back the time you need! You’ve got this!




        What if I have more questions?

        Book a call with me! Just shoot me an email, and we’ll set up a time that is convenient for you. jeanette@theselfcaregiver.com

        Resources On The Go

        Check out From Guilt To Good Podcast: Self-Care Solutions for Busy Caregivers!

        You can follow @theselfcaregiver on Instagram, where I share quick tips on how to be a self-caregiver.


        Embrace a lifestyle that balances your needs with those of your loved ones boosting your energy and empowering your life.

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