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When “self-care”isn’t enough.

How would you define self-care? Is it just personal care routines like bathing and brushing your teeth? Probably not. Maybe it’s time to do your favorite hobby like crafting or golf (that was my husband’s suggestion 😊.) Sometimes self-care can mean visiting a salon or spa for a day of pampering. But typically, when we […]

Here’s the thing about self-care, you can’t do it all by yourself.

There’s a post that went viral on Facebook in 2019 and has since been floating around on the interwebs and was the topic of many blog posts. It was a quote from Nakita Valerio that said, “Shouting “self-care” at people who actually need “community care” is how we fail people.” Even though I make a […]

It Is Time To Talk About Caregiving and Codependency

Yes. It’s time. Time to talk about being a codependent caregiver or, as it is often referred to among mental health professionals, caretaking. Though sometimes the two terms are used interchangeably, caregiving and caretaking are two very different things. Caregiving is providing care for a loved one by doing for them the things they cannot […]